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we create affordable, user-friendly, high-quality websites... for you

Jelly was formed out of the love for design and customisation to beautiful, ergonomic sites but with the resentment to the high prices typically associated with these. This is where Jelly steps in


we provide a range of brilliant services to help build high-end affordable projects

the build

first of all we need to know what you want for your website, taking the relevant information from your current and competitors websites.  the project plan can then be designed, and once agreed, we create a website which has a good user flow and journey.

our skilled developers then bring your ideas to life, adding the content to the site to ensure it is responsive across all devices.  we then fully test your site to eradicate any bugs.  

using a full deployment plan, the website if then made live but we continually monitor to flag and resolve any issues.

the build + support

preserve package is our basic entry to market taking advantage of our brilliant customer services along with 4 dedicated hours of custom support for you.

starting from £125 PCM plus your optional extras which will all be discussed in the scoping phase, this will ensure you are supported on all levels.

optional extras such as document upload, increased monthly support, email sequencing - automatically sent emails to prospects, users or customers, email marketing - emails to customers advising of new products, services or discounts - dedicated support lines and much more are all available.

the build + support + much more

the most custom package we can provide, after understanding your business and knowing exactly what you want, we are able to provide a custom solution that is right for you

our preserve package ensures you are on the best possible line of support you could possibly want, contact our team to understand more and see if you fit our requirements for the preserve package

TheIr words

Jellyprides itself on reputation, its why we are growing so fast. Take a look at what our clients are saying

“ Jelly developed a top quality site in the small amount of time I set, genuinely helped me so much and now my online presence is 10/10. Jelly also support me every month with custom changes whenever I want. ”

Jake Hampson
Sales on Demand

“ Jelly is the most professional team I have worked with. They really have completed our project perfectly. We’d like to work with them future. ”

Bob Pettitt
GPB Prototypes

Jelly helped design my website and take it to the next level. Although we built it in house with our dev team, Jelly did all the design work and ensured all actions were streamlined

Jack Eaves

We can't wait to hear your review! Contact a member of the team to get started!

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we couldn't fit them all in but, here are a few benefits to using Jelly
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In the past we have been working on high-end design experience. What we do every day is create innovation

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